About Me

Hello! I'm Wong Liang Zan. I'm a computer geek living in Singapore. When I'm not with a computer, I like to read, do some sports and spend time with my family.

My favourite authors are Milan Kundera and Kurt Vonnegut.

I'm currently I used to be using an old thinkpad x200 with Arch Linux. I usually use a combination of urxvt, tmux, xmonad and emacs in my work. However I tend to prefer vim on the shell as they start up faster.

I'm now on a Macbook Pro as my old Thinkpad has gone *kaput*. My feelings echo that of antirez. Linux is still better for coding. I miss xmonad. I'll be back on linux some day.

Before my kids came about, I used to volunteer regularly at Minds Youth Group. Do join them and bring some shine to the lives of the less priviliged =)

I'm also a big football fan of Manchester United.

As you can see, I don't have a lot of hair. If you're losing your hair(like me), shave it. Life is too short to be spent fretting about how thin your hair is. Stop hiding! Your hair is not going to come back. Say no to rugs, drugs and plugs =)

Professional Work

Having worked with web startups for a number of years means I've touched the entire web stack.

On the server side, I have experience in Ruby, the Rails web framework, Javascript, Node.js, and Scala

On the front end, I know Javascript well, and have done several projects using React/Redux, Backbone.js and Dojo. I develop themes and plugins for Octopress at Octopress Themes. I'm not a real designer but putting up something decent in CSS3 and HTML5 is not beyond me.

On the operations side, I'm familiar with Amazon AWS, Openstack and others. My expertise is in Linux. I have production experiences with configuration management tools like Chef, Ansible, Docker and Vagrant.

Besides building things, I've developed a taste for breaking things. Specifically AppSec(application security). I've taken the first class of Breaker 101 taught by Cody. I'm still new to application security though, and very keen on learning more.

I've contributed to open source. Most of them can be found on my Github profile.

In my spare time, I build products. I built SmugFTP and Notifymode. Both of which don't exist anymore.

SmugFTP is an uploader for Smugmug. It's written in Node.js and was previously hosted on Amazon AWS. I built it as I wasn't happy with the web uploaders that Smugmug provided.

Notifymode does application monitoring for Node.js apps. It helps to profile Node.js applictions. You can use it to pin point code which are slow. I built it as I wanted a tool to help me profile SmugFTP and there are none available.

I've also written an ebook on XPath. The state of documentation for XPath could be better, and here's my contribution towards it.

I'm always open to new opportunities. If there is something I can do for you, feel free to reach me.

If you are looking for a designer, look no further. My sister does that for a living.